October 16: SONGS Siren Test

2011-03-16-plantFrom Joe W6BGR:

We have all heard by know that SONGS is closing down sometime down the road, however the siren test is still a go. This year anyway.

I am taking down names of volunteers who would like to help again.

The event is Oct 16 (Wednesday) from 9:00 until just after Noon.

The actual start is later than 9 but we will want to take role call in each city to make sure everyone is in place.

Three separate Net Controls will do a quick roll call for each siren test and maybe a voice test will be included for selected Cities again this year

If you would like to participate, please contact Joe at W6BGR@soara.org.

You do not need belong to any organization to help. This is NOT a RACES event. So invite anybody you may know who may want to play radio that day.

We are just volunteers who want to assist with this important test.

Right now we believe that lunch will be provided but that is yet to be confirmed so be ready to get together somewhere for a lunch afterwards if you wish.