January 27: SOARA General Meeting

All are invited to the next SOARA General Meeting on Monday, January 27 at 7pm at the Norman P Murray Center in Mission Viejo.

Joy Matlack, KD6FJV. the Communications Director for Baker to Vegas will be speaking about the upcoming race and the significant contribution amateur radio makes to the smooth and safe conduct of the race.  This race could not be efficiently and safely run without amateur radio.   Vic Ray, W6VGR, is the Officer in Charge of Stage 8 and will be recruiting SOARA members to work the stage with him. It takes twelve hams at each of the 19 stages and many more at race headquarters.  Currently, we need about six more hams at Stage 8. Sign up for the race and you’ll meet Kate Hutton, K6HTN, (Famously nicknamed the Earthquake Lady or Dr. Kate, is staff seismologist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California) She is already signed up to work this stage. She is a marvelous lady and a great ham! You don’t want to miss this presentation!