February 28: SOARA Saturday

SOARA Saturday:
This Saturday Feb 28 we will be at the Norman P. Murray Center in Mission Viejo. All are welcome to come. We will be discussing all aspects of Amateur radio so please bring questions and and problems for us to help with.

One comment on “February 28: SOARA Saturday

  1. Hi Heiko,

    I hope the weekend went well! I am looking forward to the next club meeting, as I really enjoyed the last one, which was also my first one.

    What blast it was to see all those vintage rigs (boat anchors). Glenn did a fantastic job describing the radios, how they worked and weaving his stories about them into his presentation.

    I did not see a time posted for this past Soara Saturday meeting, so I did not know what time to show up. Is it a standing time each meeting, or did I miss it somewhere on the posting?

    Anyway, I will see you guys at the next one for sure.

    Thanks and 73!

    Lambert “Lam Jam” Matias
    (Still awaiting my call to be assigned)

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