Sept. 17 General Meeting – Science Heads

Monday 9/17 at 7:00 PM
Norman P. Murray Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo CA

High Altitude Balloon Project

Richard Stember, Executive Director of the local non-profit organization Science Heads, will be giving a summary presentation about their High Altitude Balloon (HAB) / Student Experiment Project launch this past April AND the upcoming launch in November.  Local Middle and High School students will be designing and building experiments to be carried to ‘near space’ as part of the non-profit’s support for STEM education. Aboard the payload will be a dedicated 2M APRS transmitter which will provide GPS coordinates and telemetry data.

Richard will also discuss the ways local HAMs can help with this initiative and inspire young minds to dream big. SOARA T-Hunters were involved in the last recovery effort and will be asked to participate in the upcoming recovery effort.  The addition of a drone operator or two and maybe adding SSTV to the payload may be up for discussion as well.

Ham Radio Examinations will be administered at 6:00 PM, prior to the start of our general meeting. Cost is $15/attempt. Pre-registration is not required and you don’t need to be a SOARA member to take the test.