FIELD DAY 2022!! Gilleran Park – June 24 – 26 / Members Meeting at Murray Center on June 20th at 7pm



Please join us for Field Day 2022 at James G. Gilleran Park in Mission Viejo June 24th – June 26th. GENERAL PUBLIC IS WELCOME!!

Please join us on Monday the 20th in the Palo Verde room at the Norman P. Murry Center in Mission Viejo at 7 pm for our Membership Meeting in which the subject matter will be…..well…you guessed it; logistics for Field Day. For those of you who have done Field Day before know there is some planning involved and it can be a bit chaotic just before….and it usually is. But, we still like to plan to the best of our abilities on the Monday before so everyone knows what is needed/required to make Field Day successful.

If you are new to the club and have not participated in a Field Day, we strongly encourage you to attend the meeting and see how you might be able to participate. Most labor needed is for set up and tear down. Official operating time of the Field Day contest for us in the Pacific Time Zone is 11 am Saturday to 11 am Sunday. We are allowed to begin staging and setting up of tents, tables, antennas and such at 3 pm Friday the 24th. We will have quite a bit set up on Friday, but still need labor for a completed set up early Saturday morning so we can be ready to start operation at 11 am.  There will be a Friday evening dinner and a Saturday morning breakfast for our set up crews.  Lunch is planned for the afternoon to all that are present.

The GOTA (Get On The Air) station will be back this year. This is for anyone that would like to get on the air an opportunity to do so. A HAM license is not needed.

We will have testing in the afternoon for those who would like to get their Technician license or upgrade to General or Extra. Time is TBD.

For those that are new (or tested that day and passed) or seasoned HAMS and would like to join South Orange Amateur Radio Association; we will waive the initiation fee if you apply for membership at Field Day on June 25th. You can find more information about membership on the website at

Field Day Rules can be found at the ARRL website. A PDF version can be accessed here and we recommend EVERYONE look at the rules before operating: Field Day Rules 2022

Please send us an email to if you would like to set up a booth that demonstrates an aspect of HAM radio and how it is used; i.e. ARES(Amateur Radio Emergency Service)/RACES(Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) SOTA(Summits On The Air)/POTA(Parks On The Air), Satellite Amateur Radio, EME (Earth – Moon – Earth), Emergency Go Bags, Portable Battery Boxes, Arduino, Raspberry Pi…..etc. If you think it could be interesting to the public, ask us.