SOARA Holiday Party 2022


The Holiday season will be upon us soon! I am happy to announce that the SOARA Holiday Party will be held this year on December 16th at the Norman Murray Center, 6pm.


With the rapidly rising cost of food and one of past favorite spots closing we have decided to return to holding a buffet diner at the Murray Center in the Palo Verde room (our normal meeting spot).


Diner will be a catered buffet with salad, main entree (vegetarian or meat) and desert. The club will provide water, soda and some sparkling cider. You are very welcome to “bring your own bottle” of wine or beer, no liquor is allowed.



Reservations are now closed, no payments will be accepted at the door.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!!



When: December 16th at 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Norman P. Murray Center – Palo Verde Room. 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo
Cost: $30 per person
Bring your own wine or beer (no liquor)
Holiday attire recommended




Activities Coordinator