Membership Meeting – April 17th, 7pm at the Murray Center

Please join us at the Murray Center for our Membership Meeting.

Sorry for the late posting for our April Meeting. We do not have a specific guest speaker for Monday night, but we could have a number of our members be guest speakers. You might be thinking, “Erik, what are you talking about now?!”

I’m talking about Do It Yourself Battery Boxes. I want you grab your Battery Box and bring to Monday night’s meeting and show us what you have, what’s in it, and why you chose to build it the way you did. Maybe you have a very simple one and maybe you really went all out and put a bunch of bells and whistles on it. We’d love to see it. Tony Gawel W6TNY (former member of SOARA and chief cook at Field Day) was one of the first ones to present this idea and it quickly morphed into various designs. If you built one for use as part of your radio Go Kit, even better if you could demonstrate that.

I realize this is short notice, but if you are one of those who has built one of these for Ham Radio use, it likely is charged and easy to grab and bring to the meeting.

Hope to see more of you there this month. CHEERS!!

Erik Wresch, VP – SOARA


Ham Radio Examinations will take place prior to the General Meeting and also at the Murray Center. Testing session starts at 6pm and is $15/session.

Pre-registration is not required and you don’t need to be a SOARA member to take the test. Please contact our Education Director, Steve Kuver, if you have questions about testing at