May 3: Orange County Marathon Volunteers

Volunteers needed for The Orange County Marathon on Sunday May 3. If you are interested in helping out with this year’s Orange County Marathon we would like to hear from you. Please call Heiko at (949) 859-3868 or e-mail at <> A mobile radio and vehicle are preferred but we can also use operators with hand held radios.

April 25: 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda Volunteers Needed

Thank you [SOARA] for previous service in supporting the 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda. The success of this ride would not have been possible without your help. Last year we had 936 participants and raised over $125,000 to support our causes in Rwanda and other African countries.

We are gearing up for our 9th annual ride on April 25th, 2015 and will be back at Oakley again this year. We need over 250 volunteers and would greatly appreciate your help.

If you are able to help out, please sign up on our volunteer sign-up page. There are listings for many specific needs as well as general volunteer positions. Our biggest needs right now are for the following positions:

Course Guides – Helping Riders at Fixed Positions Along the Trail
Oakley – Flexible Volunteers

If you would like to help out and have any questions, please feel free to email or call me directly. I look forward to serving with you.

Warmest Regards,

Rich Wood
Volunteer Coordinator
50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

September 30: Amateur Radio First Aid & Interoperability

Everyone is invited:
Mission Viejo RACES-ARES is hosting a Special Meeting:
Tuesday, September 30th 7:00PM to 9:00 PM

Mission Viejo City Hall in the “Saddleback Room” –  Look for signs pointing the way
(Enter at North-end of City Hall via double doors nearest to the Sheriff’s Reserved Parking Area)
200 Civic Center
Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Session one:  AMATEUR RADIO FIRST AID KIT by Carl Gardenias, WU6D

This talk is for all Amateurs no matter what their technical ability is or isn’t. The talk will be on the fun side, but serious of what you can do as an Amateur Radio Communicator to get back on the air if a disaster strikes and you are not close to home? Can you take the resources you have at hand and turn it into an antenna? You would be surprised at the items you might have in your car or purse that can get you on the air.

Bio: Carl Gardenias WU6D has been the Orange Section Manager for the ARRL since 2003. Carl has been an active ham since 1969 licensed as WN6RMN. He is very active in motivating, encouraging and mentoring the Amateur community through public awareness of our hobby as well as our ability to assist communicators during a disaster or at a public event. Carl is a member of the Salvation Army as a Community Partnership Liaison for the Sierra Del Mar Division.  He also volunteers his time as chair/co-chair for The International DX Convention in Visalia, CA, every other year since 1996. He developed and continues to encourage and support amateurs who volunteered their time with Amateur Radio Expo started in 2005,  Harvest Festival in Rancho Cucamonga, Be Prepared in Oceanside, CA and the recent P4P (Survive a disaster) at the LA Fairgrounds.

Carl is an ARRL Emergency Training Instructor, VE for both ARRL & W5YI. Carl also does presentation on ARES and their importance to serve the community.


This session is for an open forum discussion of those present to exchange ideas, methods & procedures used by the individuals and organizations represented at the meeting.

TALK-IN Frequency if needed:  Use the travel net listed below or if local call WA6RUZ on 446.000 simplex.

— Remember SAFETY is the first PRIORITY —

    Training Reminder to all Mission Viejo RACES-ARES Members:

                      “All Members are asked to participate”
“Visitors may participate if you wish”

Incident Name: MVRACES Special Meeting
Incident Number:

We  will have a TRAVEL NET for this meeting.  (TNCS) = “Travel Net Control Station”

Talk-in & TRAVEL NET for this meeting will begin about 45-minutes before the start of
the meeting on our primary repeater frequency 447.180 (-)  Pl =131.8
(TNCS) operator
for 2014-09.30 is KJ6BGS Ed Gonzalez  

TRAVEL NET protocols when contacting the TNCS are as follows:

..”Mission Viejo Travel Net, (YOUR CALLSIGN)…Beginning “,
    (Be prepared to respond with your actual starting Odometer Mileage)
(Use this when beginning your “in transit” period)

..”Mission Viejo Travel Net, (YOUR CALLSIGN)…Arriving
    (Be prepared to respond with your actual arriving Odometer Mileage)
(Use this when arriving at the incident, meeting, or staging area)

.. upon arriving the TNCS may instruct you to STAGE ( remain in your parked vehicle ),
Change to the Staging Net frequency and check “in” with SNCS for further instructions.

( The following may not be done for non-activation events: )

..”Mission Viejo Travel Net, (YOUR CALLSIGN)…Departing
    (Be prepared to respond with your actual departing Odometer Mileage)
(Use this when departing the incident or staging area)

..”Mission Viejo Travel Net, (YOUR CALLSIGN)…Ending (or Final)”
    (Be prepared to respond with your actual ending Odometer Mileage)
(Use this when ending or stopping “in transit” period)

Charley Speelman, WA6RUZ
RACES Radio Officer & ARES Emergency Coordinator
949.770-2658 – home
949.463-3658 – cell

Mission Viejo RACES-ARES
257-2237 – RACES Message Line

Please consider the environment before printing this page

June 21: Ham Radio Outlet “Ham Jam”

HAM JAM 2014 – Ham Radio Outlet Anaheim, California

Saturday, June 21 from 10AM to 5:30PM, join us at Ham Radio Outlet in Anaheim, CA for a load of ham radio fun at our annual Ham Jam event.   Again the week before Field Day, we will offer a variety of interesting seminars and educational opportunities to attendees.  This will include checking of mobile antenna installations, how-to handheld radio and scanner programming, software hints for programming, contesting, and remote control of HF radios, how-to crimp power poles, DIY rocket-launchers for Field Day, and more.  See displays by the American Red Cross, Orange County and Anaheim RACES, the Hospital Disaster Support Comms System, and various local clubs.

Testing for all classes of licenses at 11AM (please contact HRO Anaheim with name and phone number for reserved space), and hot dog lunches available all afternoon.  Three prize drawings throughout the day (must be present to win), including radios, antennas, software, gift certificates, and more.

If it’s ham radio, it’s going to be here…so don’t miss it.