SOARA/Other Net Schedule

When What Where Who
Sunday 8 AM SOARA 40 Meter Net 7.200 MHz LSB +/- QRM SOARA
Sunday 9 AM SOARA 10 Meter Technician Net 28.415 MHz USB SOARA
Tuesday 8 PM SOARA Membership Net 147.645 | 224.640 | 447.180 SOARA
1st Tuesday 6PM MV ARES RACES Travel Net 447.180- WA6RUZ
Tuesday 7 PM MV ARES RACES Net 447.180- WA6RUZ
Wednesday 7 PM SOARA Astronomy Net 147.645- SOARA
Wednesday 8 PM SOARA D-STAR Net 146.115+ K6SOA–C SOARA
Wednesday 7:15 PM Tri-Cities RACES 146.025+ W6BGR
Thursday 8 PM OC Parks Fire Watch Net 447.180- AE6H
3rd Thursday 6:30 PM Laguna Niguel Travel Net 147.645- KK6URR
Thursday  7 PM Laguna Niguel ACS Net 147.645- KK6URR
Friday 7 PM SOARA Friday Evening Dinner Net 147.645 | 224.640 | 447.180 SOARA
Saturday 9 AM SOARA Tech Net 147.645 | 224.640 | 447.180 SOARA
Weekdays 8:30 AM California Rescue Communications Net 7.250 MHz LSB WB6NOA

Tuesday Night Net

8pm every Tuesday  – 147.645- PL 110.9, 224.640-, 447.180-

This is our normal weekly general membership net.  The net will begin with announcements,  followed by news behind the news by Gordon West, WB6NOA.   After announcements, we take check-ins.  You do not have to be a SOARA member to check into the net.  We encourage you to stop by and say hello.  After check ins, we will have a round-robin discussion with anyone interested in participating.  We optionally finish up the net with the Amateur Radio Newsline bulletin.

The net is usually over by about 9PM.  Each week has a different net control operator to keep things fresh.  You can also listen or participate on this net via 224.640- MHz and 447.180- MHz repeaters on Santiago Peak as we link these repeaters for this net only. (Members: PL tones for these machines are listed in your member “Orange” book or on the last page of the monthly “The Propagator” newsletter.)   You may also check into the net over EchoLink – look for K6SOA-L using your EchoLink application.

Gordon West WB6NOA








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