Ham Radio 101

The following Ham Radio electronics educational articles were written over the last few years by SOARA member, Hal Silverman, WN6WXO.

Hal was first licensed in 1966 as WN6WXO as a novice. He received his Advanced class license in 1969. Hal has kept his original callsign to today. Professionally, Hal graduated with a BS in Engineering in 1967 from UCLA and has spent part of working career in the aerospace industry. Hal also has been an electronics class room teacher for 40 years between Orange Coast College and Saddleback Community College. He became interested in SOARA after being a guest speaker and served 4 years as Education Director and is presently serving as raffle committee chairperson.

Newer editions of Ham Radio 101 are available here.

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November 2008 – Analyzing that Antique You Bought At the SOARA Auction

October 2008 – How To Get Started Home Brewing

September 2008 – An Improved Power Supply

August 2008 – Oscilloscopes

July 2008 – Voltmeters

June 2008 – A Tape Measure Yagi for T-Hunting

April 2008 – A Novice Transmitter