Area Frequencies

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Amateur FM Repeaters (Visitor Friendly)

147.645- PL 110.9 SOARA, Temple Hill
146.025- PL 110.9 SOARA San Clemente
145.220- PL 103.5 CLARA, Santiago Peak
448.060- PL 100.0 WinSystem, Santiago Peak
145.140- PL 110.9 WD6AWP System, Santiago Peak
446.760- PL 127.3 PAPA System, Santiago Peak
146.895- PL 136.5 OC RACES, Lomas Peak
146.610- PL 103.5 KD6DDM System, Sierra Peak

Amateur FM Repeaters (Special Purpose)

446.900 WD6DIH ALERT Earthquake Sensor, Signal Peak
448.040 OC SKYWARN, Santiago Peak

Amateur FM Simplex

146.520 National 2m Simplex Calling Frequency
446.000 National 70cm Simplex Calling Frequency
144.350 SOARA Simplex for Events (“Heiko” Simplex)
146.490 Mission Viejo RACES
144.510 Laguna Beach ACT
144.375 Laguna Niguel ACS
146.580 Laguna Woods ARES
145.615 Laguna Hills ARES
145.555 Tri-Cities (DP, SC, SJC) RACES
144.330 “Gordo” Simplex

NOAA_All_Hazards_ColorMonitor FM Frequencies (Non-Amateur)

162.450 NOAA Weather Radio (Orange County)
153.775 CA Office Emergency Services
151.085 Sig Alerts/OC Access
168.750 Cleveland National Forest Fire Dispatch
151.385 Riverside County Fire/CDF Fire Dispatch
151.220 CDF Red (Air-Ground)
151.310 CDF Yellow (Air-Ground)
154.160 Office Emergency Services 1 (White)

John_Wayne_Airport_Terminal_photo_d_ramey_loganJohn Wayne (SNA) Airport AM Frequencies (Non-Amateur)

126.800 SNA Tower 19R/01L
119.100 SNA Tower 19L/01R
120.800 SNA Ground Control
126.000 SNA Surface Observations / Terminal Information (ATIS)
118.000 SNA Clearance Delivery (Instrument)
121.850 SNA Clearance Delivery (Visual)
121.800 SoCal Departure (AM)
121.300 SoCal Approach (SNA North-West)
135.400 SoCal Approach (SNA North-East)
124.100 SoCal Approach (SNA South-East)
124.650 SoCal Approach (SNA South-West)

Gordon West Orange County/LA Frequency Lists

Top 100 Amateur Radio List
Top 100 Amateur Radio w/ Marine List

If you have other frequencies of interest to the Amateur Radio emergency community, please contact us.