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Who’s on SOARA D-STAR Right now?

Click here: http://k6soa.dstargateway.org/dmon/index.html

D-STAR QSO Party 2016

Dayton 2016 – Kenwood demonstrated a prototype for a new handie talkie that features three bands, 2m, 220, 440, and multiple modes including FM, D-STAR, and APRS. ┬áSee photo and brochure below:

Kenwood D-STAR HT Kenwood Tri-band DSTAR HT Brochure


Update DV Dongle Software – Version 2.0



Updated DVTool version 2.1 for DV3K (and DV Dongle)


Gateway Registration

Read all instructions (1-6) carefully before beginning the registration process:

  1. SOARA members in good standing may register to use the SOARA DSTAR gateway system. Registration enables our members to communicate through the gateway system to other systems around the world. You must also be registered if you wish to use a DV Dongle through the SOARA or other gateway system.
  2. Use the instructions here by Robin, AA4RC as a guide. DO NOT sign up with the Atlanta Georgia system as described in the instructions.
  3. Register your call sign with the K6SOA DSTAR system here.
  4. Once you submit your registration request, you must wait until your registration is approved. We do our best to approve registrations quickly.
  5. Once you have been approved, you MUST set up a “pcname” that your radio will be associated with. You may use your call sign followed by a dash followed by your type of radio, e.g. “nj6n-2820” or if you have multiple radios, simply entering your call sign in lower case letters is sufficient. The “pcname” entry MUST be in lower case letters.
  6. For programming help consult the DSTAR Web Calculator.

SOARA DSTAR Frequencies

Temple Hill, Laguna Beach, CA

Mode Call Sign Frequency
DV K6SOA..A 1282.600 -12MHz
DV K6SOA..B 445.705 -5MHz
DV K6SOA..C 146.115 +600KHz
DD K6SOA..A 1299.900 RPS