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 SOARA Laguna Beach D-STAR Repeater System

SOARA operates a “full stack” ICOM D-STAR repeater system for digital voice (DV) and FM on 2m, 440, and 1.2 GHz.   We also operate a digital data (DD) repeater on 1.2 GHz.  Our system is interconnected with a world-wide network of D-STAR repeaters using the “REF” (aka “dplus” or “drefd”) reflector network.

Who is using SOARA D-STAR Right now? – Visit the Live Usage Monitor

  • The K6SOA dplus dashboard is HERE
  • Read Icom’s Introduction to: D-STAR

ID-5100/51 Users – To use our system, make sure “TO” is set to “Use Reflector” AND “CQCQCQ” so that everyone can hear you.

April, 2023 – New Repeater Modules

New Icom D-STAR + FM repeater modules have been installed at Temple Hill.    The new ID-RP2010V (2M), ID-RP4010V (440) and ID-RP1200VD (23cm DD/DV) modules support both D-STAR and FM.   FM should be used sparingly as the primary purpose for these repeaters is D-STAR.

May, 2023 – Kenwood plans to release a new TH-D75 Tri-Band 2m/220/440 Handie-Talkie that supports FM, D-STAR, APRS and more!  It looks surprisingly similar to the TH-D74.   One useful new feature is that it has a USB-C port for charging and configuration.   It also supports APRS digipeating although without a larger battery, I don’t think it would last very long.   It’s sadly not full-duplex capable for satellite operation.

May 12, 2023 – Icom has introduced a new entry-level handie-talkie, the ID-50A.   

Gateway Registration

Instructions for registration are here: http://regist.dstargateway.org/instructions/

Icom has some new radios recently released and soon to be released that support D-STAR

The ICOM IC-705 Portable Transceiver
Icom ID-52AD




ICOM IC-9700 2m/440/1.2GHz Transceiver w/D-STAR
ICOM ID-4100 Graphic
ICOMs ID-4100








ICOM has a dual band (single band at a time) D-STAR mobile, the ID-4100 that supports “Terminal” and “Access Point” modes.   Terminal mode allows you to use the radio through a next generation ICOM G3 gateway to make contact with others around the world.  Access Point mode allows you to provide a local “hotspot” to enable another radio to access the ICOM D-STAR network through the ID-4100.    More information is available on the ICOM Web Site

Kenwood’s TH-D74 2m, 220, 440 handie-talkie, supporting multiple modes including FM, D-STAR, and APRS.  More information is available on the: Kenwood Web Site See photo and brochure below:

Kenwood D-STAR HT Kenwood Tri-band DSTAR HT Brochure


Update DV Dongle Software – Version 2.0



Updated DVTool version 2.1 for DV3K (and DV Dongle)


SOARA DSTAR Frequencies

Temple Hill, Laguna Beach, CA

Mode Call Sign Frequency
DV K6SOA..A 1282.600 -12MHz
DV K6SOA..B 445.705 -5MHz
DV K6SOA..C 146.115 +600KHz
DD K6SOA..A 1299.900 RPS