Live Auction – Next Live Auction is May 4th, 2024 at 9am

Around the May and November general membership meetings, SOARA holds a live auction. The purpose of the live auctions is to have a fun way for SOARA members and other Amateur Radio operators to find and sell ham radio and related equipment. Also this is a way for SOARA to generate revenue for the maintenance and repair of the repeaters, fund club functions and purchase additional equipment for the club.

In order to facilitate this we put forth the following rules for all to follow to insure everyone shall have a fair and equitable chance at bidding on items up for auction:

NOTE: Prior to any upcoming auction, some sellers may indicate to the club what they intend to sell at the auction and we may pass on some of that information to you. Each seller is free to change his mind and not bring any item to the auction. You should not assume that a specific item will be sold at the auction until you see it displayed in the viewing area at the auction.


  1. The auction preview area will be open at 8am and the auction will begin at 9am. The final sale will be not later than 12:15pm
  2. Buyers are not required to be licensed hams. Sellers must be licensed hams but are not required to be SOARA members.
  3. All items presented for auction must be ham radio related.
  4. Minimum lot value should be estimated to be at least $20. Smaller items may be grouped into a lot to achieve this estimated minimum.
  5. Placing more than 10 Lots in the viewing area requires the advance approval of the auction officials, acting together. The auction officials are:
    1. SOARA President, Ray Hutchinson, AE6H
    2. SOARA Vice-President, Erik Wresch, W6INE

They may be reached by email at:, or at the auction.

  1. Once placed in the viewing area, sale items are committed to the auction and cannot be removed or pre-sold.
  2. SOARA does not make any guarantee or warranty on any item. All items are sold “As Is” and all sales are final.  No refunds will be given.  Buyer beware!
  3. SOARA will receive a 10% commission based on sale price.
  4. Sellers may donate items to SOARA in which case SOARA will retain 100% of the sale price. Donations to SOARA are not tax-deductible.
  5. Sellers may assign a minimum bid to their item(s) and bidding will start at that amount.
  6. SOARA will accept cash or check from current paid-up members with identification. Non-members must pay with cash.  No credit cards will be accepted.  Buyers may pay for items purchased when they are done bidding on items or at the end of the auction.
  7. Sellers will be paid at the end of the auction by check or cash.
  8. Sellers must remove any of their unsold items at the end of the auction
  9. Buyers are encouraged to settle up with the cashier (Treasurer) during the auction (or as soon as you know you are done bidding on items).
    *** VERY IMPORTANT! REPEAT OF #13 If you brought an item that didn’t sell or purchased an item, YOU MUST be prepared to remove it from the building prior to 1pm. Please DO NOT leave your unsold items for someone else to handle. If you are bringing any large or heavy items, allow yourself enough time to handle those items from and to the car you brought them in. Bringing your own cart or dolly is highly recommended.

Auction Forms

  1. All buyers and sellers must register in advance or at the door and will be issued a pre-numbered Bidder Card.  Bids will be recognized by number and final sale will be recorded by number.
  2. Each item to be auctioned must have an attached Lot Tag. Each Lot Tag will have a pre-printed seller number and Lot number.
  3. All hams who think they might attend the auction are encouraged to let the Treasurer know by emailing KØ at least one week before the auction date.  Doing so will allow the bidder cards to be preprinted and ready for pick up at the door upon arrival.
  4. Potential sellers are encouraged to also indicate how many lots they are thinking about selling so Lot Tags can also be preprinted. If the seller provides a brief Description of the item being sold, that information can also be preprinted.  Such notification does not commit one to come to the auction or to sell any items at the auction.  This pre-notification will greatly speed up the check-in process on arrival.
  5. At checkout time, a printed invoice will be provided for each participant, listing each item sold, each item bought and the net amount to be paid to SOARA or to the participant. The invoice will be presented to the cashier for settlement.
  6. As a reminder, SOARA is an IRS 501(c)7 tax exempt social club, therefore membership dues and donations are NOT tax deductible.

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