Live Auction

Next auction is going to be June 10th – 8am-1pm

Around the May and November general membership meetings, SOARA holds a live auction. The purpose of the live auctions is to have a fun way for SOARA members and other Amateur Radio operators to find and sell ham radio and related equipment. Also this is a way for SOARA to generate revenue for the maintenance and repair of the repeaters, fund club functions and purchase additional equipment for the club.

In order to facilitate this we put forth the following rules for all to follow to insure everyone shall have a fair and equitable chance at bidding on items up for auction:


Buyers are encouraged to settle up with the cashier (Treasurer) during the auction (or as soon as you know you are done bidding on items).
*** VERY IMPORTANT! If you brought an item that didn’t sell or purchased an item, YOU MUST be prepared to remove it from the building prior to 1 pm. Please DO NOT leave your unsold items for someone else to handle. If you are bringing any large or heavy items, allow yourself enough time to handle those items from and to the car you brought them in. Bringing your own cart or dolly is highly recommended.

1. Prior to the start of the auction a tag will be placed on each lot. Each tag will have a unique serial number on it assigned by the Treasurer. If you have many small items for auction, please consider grouping them into a lot as there is typically not enough time to auction numerous small individual items. The seller must neatly write their (1) Call sign or name, (2) any minimum (starting) bid and (3) whether the lot is a donation to SOARA. Items not marked with a minimum bid or donation status will be considered to have no minimum bid and NOT a donation to the club.  Have your items on tables, ready to auction by 9 am to give folks time to review items / prepare to bid.

2. The lot will then be placed on display for inspection by prospective bidders. Once submitted for auction an item cannot be removed prior to the completion of the auction (please, no private sales!) Any known problems with the lot should also be noted on the tag attached to it.

3. SOARA does not make any guarantee or warranty on any item or lot. BIDDERS BEWARE of what you are bidding on. All sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Auction4. When a lot is sold a separate card will be generated with the winning bidder’s call sign or name and the final dollar amount. This card will be given to the Treasurer to be logged into the auction tracking system. At the end of the auction, all bidders shall pay the club Treasurer or his agent. All sellers shall be paid minus the club’s commission at the end of the auction. Any lot not sold or that did not get its minimum bid shall be removed by the seller at the close of the auction which will be 12:00 pm sharp!

5. During the event, the person conducting the auction shall take bids from the floor on the lot until the highest bid is reached. Once the auctioneer has declared a lot “sold” they will move to the next lot. If, for some reason, a dispute over the winner of a lot occurs, then the lot will be auctioned a second time. If a lot has a minimum bid on it, the owner of the lot may at his/her direction agree to a bid prior to the end of the bidding on the lot. If the owner is not present, then the minimum bid shall be the lowest bid accepted to sell the lot.

6. SOARA shall receive 10% of the proceeds of lots not marked as a donation and the seller will receive 90%. SOARA will receive 100% of the proceeds of lots marked as “donation.”

7. Once a lot for auction enters the building it is no longer available for private sale. The seller is prohibited from having “second thoughts” once the auction has started.

8. A copy of these rules shall be posted in the auction area and given to each seller upon placing an item or lot in the sale. Only the President and Vice President can make an exception to these rules after both have discussed the issue. Their decision shall be final but both must be in agreement on the matter or these rules will stand.

As a reminder, SOARA is an IRS 501(c)7 tax exempt social club, therefore membership dues and donations are NOT tax deductible.

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