SOARA Elmer Saturdays

SOARA Saturday was started to give our newer members and guests a less formal meeting upon which they can meet up with experienced club members to learn new skills or be introduced to new things in Amateur Radio.

In April 2018 we changed the SOARA Saturday name to SOARA Elmer Saturday. This was a natural evolution since Elmering is a natural part of SOARA Saturday. Look for green Elmer badges. They may or may not have your specific answer but they are willing to help.

Sometimes SOARA Saturdays will have a topic of discussion, although if you have a specific topic or question you would like to ask, feel free to attend and ask!

SOARA Saturday is open to the public and there is no fee to attend. Donuts and coffee are typically provided by SOARA.


8/2016 Pixie QRP kit build & soldering class, Erik W6INE


2019 Ideas: Let me know what you would like to see next year!

  • Grounding, lightning, & static protection
  • Bitx40 (40 meters), MicroBitX (3-30MHz 10 W)  kits and mods,
  • New radio 101, adjust your rig
  • Magnetic loop antenna build
  • Tube radio kit, cost varies, need to pick kit
  • Long wave, very low frequency.
  • Field operation
  • Dipole 101, folded dipole
  • Low noise amplifier
  • Tuner / preselector
  • Emergency power
  • CW operation
  • Digital Radio, FT8, DSTAR, DMR…
  • Rigexpert zero analyzer arduino standalone operation
  • Voltage regulator kit, Ebay price $5 – $10, use 12v DC supply
  • QRP build, kits on several websites, tuna can kits
  • QRP operation
  • Megger insulation testing, basically high voltage testing megaohms
  • Soldering:   kit building, coax connectors
  • HF operation & antennas at Gilleran park
  • Getting started with FT8 digital mode
  • HF Beacons
  • Satellite operation?
  • Thunting practice
  • 3D printing ham radio parts, learn to make your own stuff
  • Reduce shack noise, filters, wall warts, and cat 5
  • HT programming, politeness and protocol
  • Battery box build / connector box
  • Emergency power: solar, batteries, generators, geothermal
  • HF Dummy Load
  • Field Strength Meter, maybe make one that can plug into any multimeter
  • Suggestions welcome

2018 Events:

Month Date Location Theme
Jan 01/27/18 Murray T hunt antennas, tape measure antenna, cubic quad, attenuators
Feb 03/03/18 Gilleran T-hunt practice in the park
Mar 03/24/18 Gilleran HF Operation Demo, power, radio, tuner, antenna
Apr 04/21/18 Murray Kit building, soldering, bring a kit, get started, code practice oscillator
May 05/26/18 Murray Arduino with Display, Temperature, Humidity & Pressure sensor
Jun 06/23/18 Gilleran Field Day, Modular battery box build
Jul 07/21/18 Now


Multimeter 101, Oscilloscopes, Frequency generator, Cap meter, Freq Counter, high voltage probe, service monitor.
Aug 08/25/18 Murray Two Arduinos communicating with 433 MHz & 315 MHz radio modules, simple antenna design
Sep 09/22/18 Gilleran Portable Antennas, HF, magnetic loops, vertical, dipoles, random wire in the park. Bring generators and grounding too.
Oct 10/20/18 Murray 3D Printing, focus on custom ham radio parts
Nov 11/24/18 Murray Ham Kit Demo, bring your favorite kit, Bitx40, Pine Board, etc.
Dec none none No SOARA Saturday in December, Happy Holidays!


Past SOARA Saturdays


4/2017 Paint can HF dummy load kit build

The SWR was typically 1.22 : 1 or better up to 30 MHz!

3/2017 DMR Workshop, Presented by Mikkel NR6E

3/2017 Field Strength Meter kit build inside multimeter

10/22/2016 Tape measure T-hunt antenna build with attenuator

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