April 15: K6ACJ to present at Club Meeting

Next regular club meeting is:
April 15th, 2013 – 7pm – 9pm
Speaker: Bill Prats, K6ACJ
Topic: Ham Radio for the Arduino and PICAXE

Bill Prats, K6ACJ, first licensed in 1957 holds an Extra class license, is active on HF at home, mobile in his VW Westfalia, and HFPack from Quartzsite, Arizona to Madrid, Spain. He retired from a life long career in high end computer hardware, software, and I.T. management. His favorite projects combine RF electronics, firmware, and packaging to make something durable for use in shack or field.


This is a presentation for a new ARRL book I co-authored, ‘Ham Radio for the Arduino and PICAXE’. The book is a collection of micro controller projects by dynamic amateur radio operators ready for you to use with your Arduino, PICAXE, or Atmel microcontroller. The projects are designed for introductory level to give the reader a very low cost project platform to build and expand using their own ideas. The presentation will include an introduction to the newest low cost micro controller, the Raspberry Pi, a complete Linux system on a very small circuit board.

You will:

Build one of the projects in a weekend, and have something you can use around the shack or in the field.
Learn to customize and extend the hardware and the software.
Solve real problems yourself, using easy-to-use tools and techniques.
Choose from the Arduino, ATTiny, and Picaxe for your project.