June 18 General Meeting – Field Day Final Planning and Briefing

7:00 – 8:30 PM
Norman P. Murray Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo CA

Topic: Field Day 2018, June 23-24 – Final Planning and Briefing

It’s June!!! This month we have a lot of really great speakers for our monthly meeting, YOU!! We need YOU to come this months’ meeting and SPEAK up as to what part of Field Day 2018 you are able to be a part of.

We will need operators for the various stations. We will need people for setting up on Friday and tearing down on Sunday. We need people to help with Saturday activities and there’s a lot going on. We will need several people to help do some cooking (WHAT!?) Yes, cooking and not pointing to your XYL (wife for the newbies).

In all seriousness, you can see there are many positions to fill and things to accomplish in order for us to have a successful Field Day 2018 and we can’t do it all without YOU. Whether you have been a seasoned HAM for 20 years or have only been a HAM for 20 days, we highly recommend you attend this meeting and help FINE TUNE our plans so that we can all enjoy Field Day and demonstrate to our neighbors and the community what Amateur Radio is all about. Hope to see you all there.