Membership Meeting, Murray Center, 7pm, March 20th

Please join us at the Murray Center for our Membership Meeting.

It is March 2023; and an odd numbered year. That means it is time to take nominations for the Director positions of the SOARA Board to be voted on in April. These positions are a 2 year commitment of which some have committed to the positions longer than that. If unopposed, they may continue to do so. OR….if you are interested in running for one of these positions, you may do just that. If you’re not sure about what a position’s responsibilities entail; you can find it on the SOARA website. Though some positions rely on some technical abilities, none require a degree in Rocket Science. Please join us at the Murray Center on Monday. You may nominate yourself for a Director’s position or nominate someone else; preferable with them knowing and agreeing to it.

Subject matter for presentation this night is still TBD. There will be a Door Prize for a Radio.

Erik Wresch, VP – SOARA


Ham Radio Examinations will take place prior to the General Meeting and also at the Murray Center. Testing session starts at 6pm and is $15/session.

Pre-registration is not required and you don’t need to be a SOARA member to take the test. Please contact our Education Director, Steve Kuver, if you have questions about testing at