General Membership Meeting, Monday, November 21 @ 7pm

SOARA Members,

Please join us at the Norman P. Murray Center for our last Membership Meeting of the year.

We do not have a guest speaker this month and for the record, guest speakers are getting a little difficult to obtain lately.

HOWEVER!!, we do have topics of discussion to be had over snacks and coffee (decaffeinated, of course). There will be some discussion on Winter Field Day, High Altitude Balloon launch in December, and Kriss KR6ISS with have information on dealing with his evil (my words, not his) HOA in regards to HAM radio and I think you may want to hear this.

The rest of the time can be an open canvas of discussion which will easily take us to 9pm. We had this format before and it actually was very pleasant. We encourage you to attend this last meeting of the year, UNLESS…you plan on attending the Holiday Party on December 16th at 6pm.

If you have not purchased your tickets to the Holiday Party, we encourage you to do so soon. There is an accommodation for those that have to write a  check, but you need to plan on having that check delivered to the SOARA P.O. Box by December 12th so we can make a final count to the caterer.

We are heading in to the Holiday season beginning this week with Thanksgiving. I encourage you to reflect on what you are thankful for this week and possibly…give thanks to someone in your life that has made a difference.

May this time of year bring reflection on the joy you have had in life with family and friends and a determination to carry that forward into the New Year.


Erik Wresch – W6INE, Vice President of the South Orange Amateur Radio Association


Ham Radio Examinations will take place prior to the General Meeting and also at the Murray Center. Testing session starts at 6pm and is $15/session.

Pre-registration is not required and you don’t need to be a SOARA member to take the test. Please contact our Education Director, Steve Kuver, if you have questions about testing at

Autumn SOARA Auction – Saturday, November 12th. 8 am – 1 pm. Norman P. Murray Center

This November, we have reserved the Palo Verde room on a Saturday for a 5 whopping hours!!! Room opens at 8am and Auction to start at 9am. Last item to bid will be no later than 12:15pm in order to allow time for buyers and sellers to settle up.

We normally have only 2 hours on a Monday evening to run an auction and it has been quite limiting. Now we have PLENTY of time and NO LOT QUANTITY RESTRICTIONS.

Club Members and Non-Club members are welcome to participate in the buying or selling process. Please share this event with Hams you may know that aren’t club members or members that come around often.

This is a great opportunity for old Hams to clear out unused radios and equipment for a new Ham to have a great deal that they can put to use.

Please help us make this a great auction. We’ll see you at the Murray Center.



There are RULES for the auction and they can be found on our Live Auction page by clicking on the link here: Live Auction Rules

You also need to print out labels for the items you intend to sell: Auction Labels