August 21st, 7pm – Membership Meeting

SOARA Members,

Join us for our membership meeting Monday, August 21st at 7pm at the Norman P. Murray Center.

Our guest speaker will be our own Kriss Larsen KR6ISS. Kriss will be presenting on the whole radio spectrum; What’s there, why is it there, who is there, places out in the middle of nowhere that he’s been to, and some fun tidbits and facts you may (or may not) know about. Kriss is a wealth of knowledge and it will be an interesting presentation.

Coffee and Snacks will be served as usual.

This is taking place of what would be a Tech Fair August as we had very low response to that event plan.

Erik Wresch, VP – SOARA


Ham Radio Examinations will take place prior to the General Meeting and also at the Murray Center. Testing session starts at 6pm and is $15/session.

Pre-registration is not required and you don’t need to be a SOARA member to take the test. Please contact our Education Director, Steve Kuver, if you have questions about testing at