Happy Holidays and New Year from SOARA!


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December 7: SOARA Holiday Door Prizes

[As stated in the SOARA newsletter,] these are the door prizes for the SOARA Holiday party at Antonucci’s Restaurant:
A Yaesu FT7900R mobile radio, a Diamond Tri-band mobile antenna, and an antenna trunk mount.

[There are still seats available!  Go to the Holiday Party page here for more information.]

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November 22: SOARA Saturday

This month’s Soara Saturday will be held at Gilleran Park (our Field Day site) this Saturday from 9am until noon. Please come by and visit. Coffee and Donuts will be provided.

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November 17: SOARA Fall Auction

AuctionTime to clean out the HAM shack and pick up some new projects for the holidays.  All are welcome to attend the next SOARA Fall Auction on Monday, November 17 at the Norman P Murray Center in Mission Viejo at 7pm. For more information on the SOARA live auctions, click here.

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November 15/16: Operators needed

> From: Mark Utley
> Date: November 2, 2014 at 7:31:38 PM PST
> Subject: Radio Operators Needed – Chimera 2014, November 15/16
> Hello Fello Ham Radio Operators,
> This is a second request to hopefully fill 5 vacancies for the 2014 Chimera event. We still need 2 operators for Trabuco Trail, 2 for Horsethief, and 1 for Maple Springs. All three of these locations require four wheel drive to reach, (see below the dotted line for station descriptions).
> We have less than two weeks to get these critical positions filled. If you know someone who may be interested, please forward this email to them. Questions welcome.
> Thanks for your patients,
> Mark Utley, KD6TJU

> ——————————
> Below are the vacant station descriptions.
> ——————————

> Trabuco Trail Head, Need at least 2+ operators. This is one of the longest Shifts (27.5 Hours). You must arrange for sleep during this assignment. You will require four wheel drive and high ground clearance to reach this assignment.
> Start 1300 Hours Saturday
> End 1630 Hours Sunday
> Maple Springs Station, 2+ operators needed. This is the turn-around point for this event. It is the furthest North and West. Available access from other than from the South on Main Divide has not yet been determined. This location requires four wheel drive and high ground clearance.
> Open at 1540 Hours on Saturday.
> Close at ?, (not yet published, should be before 0740 Hrs on Sunday)
> Horsethief Station, 2 operators needed. This location requires four wheel drive and high ground clearance. Operators will likely require sleep at this location.
> Open 2045 Hrs, Saturday
> Close 1420 Hrs, Sunday

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October 25: SOARA Saturday

SOARA Saturday is tomorrow (October 25) at the Norman P Murray Center in Mission Viejo from 9am till about noon. We will have coffee and donuts and will be glad to lend our expertise (such as it is) to any and all questions that you might have. We will also participate in the CQWW contest for those who are interested. The call will be our club call K6SOA.

PS. All are invited, not only SOARA members.


(Corrected by AJ6B)

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November 1: HAM Communicators Needed

mvhs-band-1st-place1From Vic Ray W6VGR:

Mission Viejo High School is having their home field competition on Saturday, November 1st. I volunteer at this event every year and love every minute of it. It’s a day filled with great entertainment.

This year, I could really use a couple of Hams to help us out in key positions on the field and in the box above the field. Your duties will be to communicate between the box and the band staging area where the bands enter the field. You’ll be able to see and hear some of the Southwest’s best high school marching bands perform their field shows. All you need is an HT, sunscreen and a chair. We’ll feed and water you. It’s a great event and lots of fun. The first band takes the field at 3pm and the last, our own Mission Viejo High School Band, takes the field at 9pm. After that, we’re done!

Contact me, Vic Ray W6VGR, if you’re available to help. w6vgr@soara.org VIP parking for volunteers!

(Corrected by AJ6B)

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October 20: General Meeting

All are welcome to the next SOARA General Meeting on Monday, October 20 at 7pm at the Norman P Murray Center in Mission Viejo.  This month’s presenters are from Land Ops, a group that combines radio communications, off road driving skills, navigation and teamwork. Presenters will be SOARA member Jim Biram K6JKB and the founder of Land Ops Chris Doering KI6QBM. Hope you can be there!

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October 15: SONGS Siren Test

2011-03-16-plantFor those of you interested in signing up for what could possibly be the the last SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station) siren test here is the place to apply.

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October 8: Extra Class

Reminder:  This Wednesday starts the SOARA Amateur Extra HAM Radio class series at the Murray Center.

Please view the information on the Extra Class page for more information.

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