March 16: SOARA Club Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday March 16, 2015 at 7pm at the Norman P. Murray center in Mission Viejo.

This month’s speaker will be Gordon West WB6NOA of Costa Mesa as well as many other parts of the globe. Gordon is well known for his knowledge of amateur radio, his excellent teaching skills and his all around great sense of humor. He is a mentor to many of us in many different ways. When Patti and I were first licensed we joined the 78’s ARC and Gordon showed up and took a whole bunch of radio rookies under his wing that membership list was well over 500 when I last looked.
He and Suzy have been members of SOARA for a while now and on Tuesday nights Gordon is our news behind the news on the SOARA VHF/UHF net. I would like to encourage as many of you who can make it to come to our meeting. Please see on the web for more information.

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April 25: 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda Volunteers Needed

Thank you [SOARA] for previous service in supporting the 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda. The success of this ride would not have been possible without your help. Last year we had 936 participants and raised over $125,000 to support our causes in Rwanda and other African countries.

We are gearing up for our 9th annual ride on April 25th, 2015 and will be back at Oakley again this year. We need over 250 volunteers and would greatly appreciate your help.

If you are able to help out, please sign up on our volunteer sign-up page. There are listings for many specific needs as well as general volunteer positions. Our biggest needs right now are for the following positions:

Course Guides – Helping Riders at Fixed Positions Along the Trail
Oakley – Flexible Volunteers

If you would like to help out and have any questions, please feel free to email or call me directly. I look forward to serving with you.

Warmest Regards,

Rich Wood
Volunteer Coordinator
50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

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February 28: SOARA Saturday

SOARA Saturday:
This Saturday Feb 28 we will be at the Norman P. Murray Center in Mission Viejo. All are welcome to come. We will be discussing all aspects of Amateur radio so please bring questions and and problems for us to help with.

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February 21: Chili Trail Run

Need two operators for Sat Feb. 21 in O’Neill park. for a race from 7:30am till 11am. Please contact Heiko

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February 23: Club Meeting

WB6RLC_avatarAll are welcome to the next SOARA General Meeting on February 23 at 7pm at the Norman P Murray center in Mission Viejo.  Volunteer testing is at 6pm.

This month’s speaker is Glenn, WB6RLC.   His bio:

I am a native Californian by several generations. I earned an AS degree in electronics technology from Chaffee College in Alta Loma and I received my Novice ticket in 1966 as WN6RLC. After a stint in the USMC, I moved to OC in 1973. I also earned a second class radiotelephone ticket with radar and broadcast endorsements. I worked in marine electronics in Newport Beach repairing marine SSB and VHF radios and at Collins Rockwell in Newport Beach as well. I finished off my career in the electronics R&D lab at Parker Hannifin in Irvine. That’s where I met Heiko. I now hold an Amateur Extra license and kept my old call. Every now and then someone gets the “RLC” part. Too cool to part with. I am now serving as president of the Desert RATS Amateur Radio Club of Palm Springs.

I will be talking about vintage Ham radio gear. Stuff from the early 60s to about 1980. Boat Anchors as we call them. And I’ve had boat anchors that have weighed less. I have a fair collection and will be bringing some samples with me. I will also discuss a bit about the care, feeding and restoration of these old radios. There are still lots of them on the air. I belong to a group, the Vintage Side Band Roundtable. It meets every Tuesday evening, check-ins start at 6:30pm on about 3.895 MCs (Mega Hertz, for you youngsters). There is lots of support and parts for these old rigs and many are cheaper than you would think. We will discuss much of this at the meeting on Monday evening. See you there!

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January 31: SOARA Saturday

P6260069cSOARA Saturday will be at Gilleran park from 9am to noon. Come and play some radio in the park with Heiko!

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January 26: Club meeting

Our January SOARA meeting will be Monday the 26th at 7pm.
It will be preceded by testing at 6pm at the Norman P Murray center on Veterans Way in Mission Viejo.

Our guest speaker will be Arnie Shatz N6HC with a travelogue of his 2014 Amsterdam Island expedition (FT5ZM). Here is a bio of Arnie:
I was first licensed as KN3ANU at the age of 13 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and quickly upgraded toa General Class ticket. I received an Official Relay Station (ORS) appointment from the ARRL and enjoyed handling CW traffic and participating in CD contests. Amateur radio was put on hold while I attended Temple University and earned a B.S. in Biology and a M.D. degree. Post medical school training followed at the University of California, San Francisco and service in the United States Public Health Service (Department of the Navy- Lieutenant Commander), Indian Health Service on the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

I moved to Southern California in 1976 and started a solo private urology practice. In 1977 I upgraded to Extra Class as N6HC. I retired from full time urology practice in 2001 and continue to work as a part-time locum tenens physician and volunteer at the Orange Free clinic. I am a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a long time member of the California and Orange County Medical Associations, a diplomate of the American Board of Urology and a member of the American Urological Association, Western Section of the AUA and the California Urological Association. I was a member of the clinical faculty of Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

I have been an ARRL member for more than 50 years and I am a member of the league’s Legacy Circle and Maxim Society. I serve as a Volunteer Examiner and a field QSL card checker for both ARRL and CQ awards. I am a member of the Southern California DX club (Vice-President-2009), Northern California DX Foundation, Southern California Contest Club and Orange County Amateur Radio Club. I am also a member of the Chiltern DX Association (UK) and the Medical Amateur Radio Council, Ltd. (MARCO). I was elected to membership in the A-1 operators club and I have earned many operating awards including WAS (6 bands, SSB, CW, RTTY), DXCC Honor Roll, DXCC (8 bands, SSB, CW, RTTY), WAZ (CW & SSB), WAC, WPX (SSB & CW), and VUCC. I am an active contester and have earned numerous awards for participation in both domestic and DX competitions. I have operated from many places around the continental United States as well as Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Samoa and Prince Edward Island. I was named the DXer of the Year (2012) by the Southern California DX Club.

I have been a team member of nine major DXpeditions: K7C-Kure atoll (2005), 3B7C- St. Brandon Island (2007), TX5C- Clipperton Island (2008), K4M-Midway Island (2009), T31A- Kanton atoll, Central Kiribati (2011), T32C- Christmas Island, Eastern Kiribati (2011), NH8S-Swains Island (2012), T33A-Banaba (2013) and FT5ZM-Amsterdam Island (2014).

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Happy Holidays and New Year from SOARA!


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December 7: SOARA Holiday Door Prizes

[As stated in the SOARA newsletter,] these are the door prizes for the SOARA Holiday party at Antonucci’s Restaurant:
A Yaesu FT7900R mobile radio, a Diamond Tri-band mobile antenna, and an antenna trunk mount.

[There are still seats available!  Go to the Holiday Party page here for more information.]

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November 22: SOARA Saturday

This month’s Soara Saturday will be held at Gilleran Park (our Field Day site) this Saturday from 9am until noon. Please come by and visit. Coffee and Donuts will be provided.

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